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Creative Learning Exchange CD

We offer a Creative Learning Exchange CD that provides easy access to most of the materials that are available at our website.


This CD includes:

  • Hundreds of documents and models.
    A complete source for the educational documents and models that are hosted by the CLE. This includes Introductory Materials, The Shape of Change Lessons, and many others. Please take the time to explore these units, to play with them, and most importantly, to think about how the type of subject material presented in them, and/or the type of process illustrated by them, might be of use to you and of interest to your students. In addition, each model is accompanied by a relatively simple explanation of the logic and mechanics of its construction to give you a sense of what goes into building such simulations

  • Presentation documents from the most recent ST/DM for K-12 Education conference.
    The Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling Conference for K-12 Education is hosted biennially by the Creative Learning Exchange. Past presenters have included Jay Forrester, Dennis Meadows, George Richardson, Peter Senge, and John Sterman.

  • Newsletters
    A single source for the archived CLE newsletters. Easily locate pertinent articles relating to using Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in the field in the archived copies of The Exchange. [Over 65 past issues are available - resources from more than 15 years]


CD Price: $25.00 each
Domestic Shipping: Free
International Shipping: $5.00 per CD

Questions concerning your purchase should be directed to:
The Creative Learning Exchange
27 Central St., Acton, MA 01720
FAX 978-635-3737
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