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CLE Books: Communicating Critical Thinking


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Helps teachers and students create projects in all areas of the curriculum. Using Systems Tools make explicit and visible the thinking behind student work, helping students create their projects at a new level of communication and understanding.

How are system dynamics computer models and simulations used?
Consider the UN's projections for global population growth up to 2050. UN demographers base their projections (seen in previous sections) on two assumptions...

Communicating Critical Thinking, p.16

This book is divided into four chapters, each section of the booklet provides a step-by-step guideline for working with systems in today's educational environment. For any successful project, a good foundation is imperative. This book sets that foundation for critical thinking projects. It starts students and teacher off by investigating how to create a question. It then explores how visual tools communicate thought and how to use those tools. Of course, once the project is complete, work needs to be assessed. The final chapter discusses how to assess the visual tools that were just used.

Purchase a copy and start using visual tools with students!

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