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Behavior-Over-Time Graphs as Literature and Writing Tools
Author(s): Frank Draper Subject: English
  From Catalina Foothills School District. English curriculum activity using BOTG's.
Behind Closed Gates - Paper from the 2015 System Dynamics Conference
Author(s): Anne LaVigne, & Lees Stuntz Subject: Cross-Curricular
  The Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE), conducted at Stanford University by Philip Zimbardo in 1971 is a powerful example of seeing how people respond in highly stressful situations in which one individual or group has power over another. Although this type of experiment no longer meets the ethical standards for human study, the learning that has resulted impacts current understanding and, in some cases, decisions about how to structure systems, such as penal institutions.
Behind Closed Gates: Potential dynamics when one group or individual is given complete control over another
Author(s): Jen Andersen, Anne LaVigne, Jeff Potash, & Lees Stuntz Subject: Cross-Curricular
  This lesson with accompanying simulation is loosely based on an experiment that was conducted at Stanford University in 1971. Phillip Zimbardo wanted to see how typical people would act if they were asked to take on roles of prisoners and prison guards for a two-week period. The experiment was stopped after only six days because of escalating, abusive behavior of the guards and concerns about the well-being of the prisoners. In the simulation, students take on the role of a social scientist, trying to understand how a similar situation (with guards having complete control over prisoners)can create specific human responses, such as fear,repression, and resistance. They can then compare this situation to a host of other similar situations, fictional or real.

Link to the simulation:
BOTG Activities for Ninth Grade Literature
Author(s): Heidi Blocker, Subject: English
  From Catalina Foothills School District. Draft of material being field-tested during the 97-98 school year, in which students analyze characters and their responses to various conflicts by creating Behavior Over Time Graphs.
Chocolates, Vanillas, Strawberries, and Orwell: An Animal Farm Physical Simulation
Author(s): Nancy Campbell, & Ron Michalak Subject: English
  From Catalina Foothills School District. Following a physical simulation, students use Behavior over Time Graphs to study the "Animal Farm" and "chocolate" systems, and make oral and written connections between the novel and the simulation. After reading the novel, students relate it to the Success to the Successful archetype.

Complex Systems Connection: Cause within System. The success of the three groups is based largely on the "rules" of the game, not on the abilities or talents of the "players" The system structure generates the problem of some groups getting greater and greater success, while others become worse off over time.
Drama - Public Speaking: Factors of Success
Author(s): Pat Burrows, & Anne LaVigne Subject: English
  From Catalina Foothills School District. Practicing their speeches in order to improve their final performance, students learn to understand how various factors relating to performance affect one another and learn to give specific information about patterns observed.
Dynamic Modeling with Computers: A Tool for Learning
Author(s): Lees N. Stuntz Subject: Project Histories
  A short descriptive article giving an overview of the use of dynamic modeling in the curriculum.
Focus on Folk Tales and Fairy Tales
Author(s): Tori Christopher, & Anne LaVigne Subject: English
  From Catalina Foothills School District. Students read folk tales and fairy tales and use systems concepts and tools to analyze the events, patterns, structures and mental models within them.
Let It Snow: Micro-Lesson
Author(s): Anne LaVigne, & Lees Stuntz Subject: Micro Lesson
  Micro Lesson for Splash!
Simulating Hamlet in the Classroom D-4540-1
Author(s): Pamela Lee Hopkins Subject: English
  An example of a STELLA model's direct use in a high school English classroom environment.
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