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What It's Like to Be a Pioneer: What's the Rush?
Author(s): Debra Lyneis Subject: Implementation
  Prepared with the support of the Gordon Stanley Brown Fund. Jay Forrester has suggested that we could speed the spread of learner-centered-learning and system dynamics in K-12 education by sharing tales of "what it’s like to be a pioneer." It might help others who are starting out, or just curious, to know about other teachers’ experiences, positive student outcomes, pitfalls, political issues, responses of administrators and fellow teachers, student and parent feedback, triumphs and tribulations. This paper presents one such vignette.
Writing and Modeling: Using a Notebook to Learn about System Dynamics.
Author(s): Tim Joy Subject: Implementation
  Guidelines for using a systems notebook, as well as a long list of writing and mapping exercises that integrates the writing process with system dynamics instruction. These guidelines and exercises are especially helpful for middle and high school students who are building some early confidence in basic stock and flow mapping as well as those students ready for model building and testing.
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