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Introduction to System Dynamics Packet


A packet of six articles to introduce the use of system dynamics in K-12 education
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Learning through System Dynamics as Preparation for the 21st Century

Jay Forrester

Revised in 2009, this paper was originally the Keynote address for the 1994 Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling Conference for K-12 Education at Concord Academy, Concord, MA. Addresses: Developing Personal Skills, Outlook and Personality, Understanding


Systems Thinking, Four Key Questions

Barry Richmond

A general overview of Systems Thinking. Interesting paper to read to get the perspective of a professional system dynamicist.

Bringing System Dynamics to a School Near You: Suggestions for Introducing and Sustaining System Dynamics in K-12 Education.

Deb Lyneis

This paper explains how system dynamics is introduced and sustained in schools, outlining some of the many generous contributions that have made the early growth of K-12 system dynamics possible, and giving readers many resources and practical suggestions for how they can participate, too. Updated by the Creative Learning Exchange in 2013.

Consider The Gypsy Moth: An Example of System Dynamics for Carlisle

Deb Lyneis

An explanation of how system dynamics would "look" and work in a curriculum, using the gypsy moth caterpillar as a concrete example of its application in a science curriculum. A simple presentation which clearly demonstrates how to start using and understanding basic system dynamics and modeling.

The Challenges of Infusing System Dynamics into a K-8 Curriculum

Deb Lyneis & Davida Fox-Melanson

This paper describes the process of developing and implementing system dynamics lessons in the Carlisle, MA Public Schools. Using one lesson as an example, it will illustrate what the children do and what they learn. It also presents the problems of imbedding the lesson and the systems approach into the curriculum.

Systems Thinking in 25 Words or Less

Deb Lyneis

An answer to the request "Explain what systems thinking is and what it has to do with educating children," in a few more than 25 words.
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