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System Dynamics/Systems Thinking Training


The following are a few opportunities for further training in systems thinking and system dynamics.


WPI [Worcester Polytechnic Institute]: Graduate studies in System Dynamics

WPI is proud to offer online graduate level courses and a graduate certificate in System Dynamics. Students can take up to two courses before deciding whether they want to apply for the certificate. This allows you an opportunity to take select courses if you prefer to.
Our faculty are leading researchers, consultants, and authors in system dynamics. Enjoy the convenience of learning anyplace, anywhere through our internet-based delivery method. WPI is a world leader in technological, engineering and management education and ranks in the top 55 in U.S. News & World Report's "American's Best Colleges".
Program Overview

  • Only online graduate level certificate program available in the world
  • Select the courses you need or enroll in a 5 course Graduate Certificate Program
  • 3 semesters per year
  • Learn a computer-based approach to the construction and analysis of mathematical models of economic, social and physical systems.

More information at

The System Dynamics Society: Courses in System Dynamics

The System Dynamics Society mantains a listing of courses and universities offering courses in SD throughout the world.

Learn more at

isee systems training

isee and its partners offer a variety of systems thinking workshops and product training opportunities for both STELLA and iThink software. Specific courses are tailor designed for their audience and may include instruction relevant to business modelers, educators or government planners.

More information at isee systems

Waters Foundation

Systems Thinking in Schools Level 1: Classroom and School Applications

This four-day workshop will provide an introduction to systems thinking and its connections to other effective instructional practices. Using the tools of systems thinking, i.e. Behavior-Over-Time graphs, causal loop diagrams, stock/flow maps and models created with STELLA® software, participants will learn about, practice, and adapt applications of systems thinking to standards-based teaching and school improvement strategies.

Check with The Waters Foundation for information on dates and times.

Systems Thinking in Schools Level 2: Classroom Instruction and Culture - Designing & Assessing Instructional Strategies

This workshop builds upon the understanding of basic systems thinking concepts introduced in the prerequisite Level 1 course. Participants will meet once per month in a collaborative action learning process to address the following topics:

Design of applications
Reflective dialogue about effective uses of systems thinking
Analysis of implementation results
Refinement of application
Documentation of results and learning

More information at The Waters Foundation

CC Modeling Systems and Portland State University

A sequence of 3 online courses that introduce System Dynamics modeling for math and science instructors who want to include model-building lessons in their courses is provided by CC Modeling Systems, LLC in cooperation with Portland State University. Each course can be taken with or without the 3 graduate credit option. Numerous short online videos take participants, step-by-step, through model-building activities that can then be used with their students. Model-building lessons that have been used in the classroom (with students ages 15 to 20+), are also provided. Each course is capped at 15 participants.

Course 1: Basic Models (10 weeks)

Course 2: More Advanced Models (10 weeks, pre-requisite: Course 1)

Course 3: Building Original Models from the News (10 weeks, pre-requisite:

Course 2)

More information at CC Modeling Systems.

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