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CLE Videos

Spotlight Videos

More videos are available at the CLE YouTube Channel or the CLE Vimeo Channel.


The Water Bottle Project

Participants at Camp Snowball 2011 use a water bottle activity to learn the concepts of stocks and flows.

Exploring Garden Ecosystems

Borton Primary Magnet School teacher Molly Reed (Tucson Unified) uses connections circles and behavior-over-time graphs.


Addiction Model (Student Created)

How Do People Get Addicted to Methamphetamine? by Jake Newhall and Peter Valentine. A student technical paper is available.

Drew Jones - Carrying Our Trash

Drew Jones speaking at Pegasus Communications' "Systems Thinking in Action" Conference, November 2008, about an experiment in 1989 at Dartmouth College where 120 students and faculty carried their trash for a week to learn about sustainability.


Systems Thinking

Ridgewood created this video to show the world what Systems Thinking is like at Catalina Foothills School District.

A Systems Story


A short introduction to key systems thinking concepts.

CLE Videos


Why ST-SD is good for kids

Why the use of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics are good educational practices for K-12 education.

Build your own personal finance model

This introductory lesson uses STELLA and touches on the basics for building a dynamic personal finance system dynamics model.


Romeo & Juliet Simulation Introduction

What if Mercutio is not killed by Tybalt? What if Romeo gets to the tomb five minutes later? This video introduces a simulation that can be used to explore these what-if questions and more. Explore the full simulation.

Predator/Prey Interactions

Predator and Prey Interactions: A few years ago animals were plentiful; what happened to make them disappear?

The CLE has a series of online simulations designed for the K-12 student that focus on population dynamics and predators and prey with food resources. This video introduces these simulations.


Playground Up & Downs Simulation Introduction

You and I are friends. We play. We are tired of playing together. What happens to our friendship? What can we do to continue to grow our friendship? This video introduces a CLE simulation touching on these interesting ideas.

Living Lands Simulation Introduction

This multi-player simulation allows students to take on roles of managing a forest and local towns in an area of high fire risk.  Students can explore policies and structures, seeing the impact of their decisions on the system as a whole over a 50-year period.





Conversations with Jay Forrester

Fireside Chat Excepts from the 2014 CLE Conference  


Jay Forrester, Founder of the field of System Dynamics, Professor Emeritus, MIT, with George Richardson, Professor Emeritus, University at Albany, SUNY

This short video is an excerpt from the full Fireside Chat. See the entire video from the chat and other CLE videos at our Vimeo Channel.

2013 International System Dynamics Conference: Chat with Jay W. Forrester CLE 2012 Conference: Fireside Chat

System Dynamics: A disruptive science? This is a "fireside chat" with Jay W. Forrester and Khalid Saeed of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. This conversation was held on July 24, 2013 at the 31st System Dynamics conference in Cambridge, MA.


Download a transcript of this chat.

From the 2012 CLE Conference: Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling Conference.
This excerpt is pulled from an informal from a chat with system dynamics pioneers, including Jay Forrester, George Richardson, Peter Senge, and Dennis Meadows. This opportunity to discuss and interact with such pioneers is one of the unique opportunities provided by the CLE at their biennial conference.


Why kids can make a difference for the future

A Creative Learning Exchange video with Jay Forrester exploring how kids can make a difference for the future.

The Underlying causes of Climate Change

Jay Forrester on the underlying causes of climate change.


Other videos available at the Waters Foundation.

More video favorites at the CLExchange YouTube Channel.





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