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What is Splash?

Liquid Physics + System Dynamics = Splash!

Whether it’s managing your health, planning your retirement or addressing climate change, System Dynamics can help us tackle the wide variety of dynamic problems we find in the world around us.

There are several software products available in the market to create system dynamics models. These highly capable and flexible tools are often designed for advanced users and professionals. But they can end up being intimidating and boring for those who are just starting to learn system dynamics.

Splash! is a simple modeling software that’s designed with beginners in mind – something that middle and high school students might use to learn system dynamics. Written primarily for tablets and mobile devices, Splash! combines liquid physics simulations with system dynamics in a way that emphasizes fun, delight, and ease-of-use as much as it does the core principles of system dynamics.

Splash! Demo


Splash! Developed in a collaboration between the CLE and BTN.

Splash! Examples



Email Overload


Carbon Dioxide


Concrete to Abstract


Viral Videos


Splash! Playlist


A generous donor has put up a $16,000 match for Splash!

Just over $7,000 to reach our match and complete the funding for Version 1 of our intuitive, fun App.

This January we are finishing up a simple, running demo of Splash! and are hoping to finish Version 1 so it is ready for the ST/DM conference, June 30-July 2.

Just over $7,000 to go!

Splash! is a creative partnership between

Interested in learning more? Read through our design report below to see what Splash! will be like. Or for even more information, please contact Lees Stuntz at the CLE.

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