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Working to develop Systems Citizens in K-12 Education

Model Mysteries

Model Mysteries Book Cover

An Exploration of Vampires, Zombies, and Other Fantastic Scenarios to Make the World a Better Place

by Anne LaVigne and Lees Stuntz

If you’re interested in thinking about how to solve mysteries and like the idea of creating computer models and applying them to real-world problems, this book is for you. You can use it independently as a student, work with a group of students, or if you’re a teacher, share it with interested students to complete a guided or independent study.


Download the Model Mysteries Book


Already downloaded the book? See what the next steps are (including some models with Stella Online!) at the Model Mysteries page.

Using Simulations in the Classroom

The CLE has many simulations available for use. But, how can they be used effectively? The paper Effective Use of Simulations in the Classroom addresses that exact question.

Just over twenty years ago, I was using simulations in my middle school classroom and was inspired to write this article as a way to foster future simulation use. Today, as evidenced by this quote from a current teacher at that same school, they are still providing benefits to students.

Jane Chilcott, Retired Middle School Teacher


Simulations provide opportunities for students to experience real life situations in manageable and meaningful ways in the classroom. In addition, some of the most valuable lessons that are learned from simulations are things that may have never been anticipated by the person who developed the simulation.

Brian Bindschadler, Middle School Teacher

System Dynamics Apps


The CLE is pleased to announce the development of some new system dynamics apps. These simple, fun and engaging apps are ready for use on phones, tablets, or Chromebooks. They are quick to use and create excellent insight for all ages.

These apps are based on the Demo Dozen models created by Jeff Potash and John Heinbokel and developed in a collaboration among the Creative Learning Exchange, the Center for Interdisciplinary Excellence in System Dynamics, and BTN.

Want to see when it is better to invest in retirement? Is it safe to leave that sandwich out of the refrigerator? Can you create a stable population?
Learn more and download the new CLE apps.

DynamiQueST 2017: World Climate Simulation

DQ Student Work

DynamiQueST is a showcase of the power of simulations and creative student projects that utilize critical thinking skills to analyze complex dynamic systems. The day-long event at WPI was a success, with a variety of student projects, lively conversation and learning.

Students participated in a large scale climate change simulation as well as presented their own work. This combination fostered an energetic learning environment as they learned the global power of system dynamics as well as experiencing what challenges their peers where tackling.

Learn more



System Dynamics Models


Introduction to building System Dynamics Models.

More videos



Recent Newsletter Articles

Model Mysteries
An Exploration of Vampires, Zombies and Other Fantastic Scenarios to Make the World a Better Place
by Anne LaVigne and Lees Stuntz

Model Mysteries

We are thrilled to announce that the Model Mysteries book is now complete! We introduced you to Model Mysteries late 2016, where we shared the introduction to the book and the first lesson. In this issue, we present the second chapter and just a brief introduction.

Read more in The Exchange

A New Kind of System Dynamics Software

What is Splash!?

Liquid Physics + System Dynamics = Splash!

Designed primarily for tablets and mobile devices, Splash! combines liquid physics simulations with system dynamics in a way that emphasizes fun, delight, and ease-of-use as much as it does the core principles of system dynamics.

Read more in The Exchange or visit the Splash! page.


Download the most recent copy of The Exchange vol 26.2


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