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Working to develop Systems Citizens in K-12 Education

DynamiQueST 2020

DynamiQueST 2020

DynamiQueST is a showcase of the power of simulations and creative student projects that utilize critical thinking skills to analyze complex dynamic systems.

In 2020, students will participate in a large scale climate change simulation as well as present their own work. This combination fosters an energetic learning environment as students learn the global power of system dynamics as well as experiencing what challenges their peers are tackling.
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Model Mysteries:Energy Drink Mania

Energy Drinks Image

A MicroLesson adapted from Model Mysteries

by Anne LaVigne and Lees Stuntz

Energy drinks can be a quick way for people to increase alertness and energy in the short term, e.g., to study for a test or to complete a long, endurance drive. Caffeine in these drinks can also stay in the body for longer than you might think. Explore how different choices affect caffeine levels in the body over a 24 hour period!

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A new version of Splash! Version 1.5!

Splash! is a simple modeling software that’s designed with beginners in mind – something that students might use to learn system dynamics.

New in this release:
Bi-flows with both numbers and liquids show the direction of the flow.
Color-coded negative stocks show up in grey in the app. See an example in the demo video or download a new copy today.

Splash! is a creative partnership between the CLE and BTN. Learn more about Splash!.

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Model Mysteries

Model Mysteries Book Cover

An Exploration of Vampires, Zombies, and Other Fantastic Scenarios to Make the World a Better Place

by Anne LaVigne and Lees Stuntz

If you’re interested in thinking about how to solve mysteries and like the idea of creating computer models and applying them to real-world problems, this book is for you. You can use it independently as a student, work with a group of students, or if you’re a teacher, share it with interested students to complete a guided or independent study.

Learn more, get the book, and some extensions (including some models with Stella Online!) at the Model Mysteries page.





Splash! A New Kind of System Dynamics Software

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CLExchange Change

Our first newsletter was the summer of 1992 and over the years we have seen dwindling interest in hard-copy. That fact, plus the cost effectiveness of creating a hard copy newsletter, has led us to going to an all digital format.We are still committed to communicating with all of you and sharing the good things that are going on using ST/SD in K-12 education.

Welcome to the new CLExchange!

Bumbles and Woofs: Population Modeling
by Rachel Henry

This lesson delineates a progression from a simple population model to a predator-prey model with an understandable and explicit sequence. Henry used Vensim simulation software for the class, but the lesson could easily be modified for other simulation software such as Stella or Splash!

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New Year's News

A generous donor has put up a $16,000 match for Splash!

As soon as we raise $16,000, the donor will complete the funding for Version 1 of our intuitive, fun App.

This January we are finishing up a simple, running demo of Splash! and will be working on making a full Version 1 over the next 4 months to have it ready for the ST/DM conference, June 30-July 2.

Help us finish up funding!

$16,000 to go!

Splash! is a creative partnership between


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