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CLE Videos

Tools: Making Thinking Visible Videos

Introduction to Behavior-over-time Graphs (BOTGs)
Introduction to Connection Circles
Introduction to Stocks and Flows
Introduction to Causal Loops
Introduction to System Dynamics Models

General Videos

CLE: Can automakers cope with the increasing demand for hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles?
CLE: Why ST-SD is good for kids
CLE DVD Example 1 ...That School in Tucson
CLE DVD Example 2 ...That School in Tucson
CLE DVD Example 3 ...That School in Tucson

Simulation Videos

Complex Systems : Spring Simulations
Complex Systems: Burnout Simulation
Complex Systems: Commodities Simulation
Living Lands: Forest and Town Simulation
Behind Closed Gates Simulation
Complex Systems: Romeo and Juliet Simulation
Complex Systems: Predator/Prey Simulations
Population Dynamics: Connecting Past, Present and Future Simulations
Complex Systems: Playground Ups & Downs Simulation
CLE - Build your own personal finance model

Splash! Videos

Splash! – a New Way of Thinking
Splash! From Concrete to Abstract
Splash! Introduction
Splash! Email Overload
Splash! Kindness
Splash! Viral Videos
Splash! Demo
George Richardson on Splash!
Splash! CO2
Splash! Bank
George on Splash!(2)
George on Splash! History
Jay Forrester - 2015 Banquet
Splash! Predator/Prey
Splash! CO2 Prototype
Warren Farr on the importance of supporting Splash!

More videos are available at the CLE YouTube Channel or the CLE Vimeo Channel.

Other videos available at the Waters Foundation.

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