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CLE Books: The Shape of Change
Shape of Change

The Shape of Change
Third Edition
By Rob Quaden and Alan Ticotsky
With Debra Lyneis
Nathan Walker, Illustrator
© 2008 CLE

ISBN: 978-0-9753169-5-5
Price: $16.00

The Shape of Change, Including The Shape of Change Stocks and Flows

By Rob Quaden and Alan Ticotsky

With Debra Lyneis

Nathan Walker, Illustrator

© 2009 CLE


• Hands-on activities
• New learning tools
• Teamwork and dialogue
• Reflection
• Constructivism and inquiry
• High level critical thinking

• Sophisticated content
• Learner-centered learning
• Interdisciplinary ties
• No prerequisites
• Easy preparation and directions

In The Shape of Change, students engaged in games and other classroom activities to observe what was changing over time. They drew behavior over time graphs to examine how these things changed, and they related the patterns of behavior to other changes in their experience.


Now, with The Shape of Change: Stocks and Flows students build on the earlier lessons to understand why the changes occurred. Why did doubling cause the number of friends to grow exponentially? Why did the mammoths go extinct? Why did the boiling water cool to room temperature?


Step-by-step, students build stock/flow maps explaining each lesson activity. These stock/flow maps are tied directly to students’ earlier behavior over time graphs and to the underlying causal loop structures that drive the changes. That way, students begin to build systems thinking skills – an understanding of how structure creates the behavior we observe all around us.

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While all of the lessons in these books are available for download from the CLE website, we find that the layout and the compilation of all the lessons in book format make them more useable.

Download The Shape of Change lessons including Stocks and Flows


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