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CLE Books: Critical Thinking Using Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling

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It is the premise of systems thinking that it is possible to evolve our thinking, learning, and communicating capacities.

Barry Richmond, p.7


Of the skills cited by well known educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom, synthesis and evaluation are the two highest order skills. Systems thinking and its underlying framework, system dynamics, are particularly effective in developing these two thinking skills.

Critical Thinking, p.27

This book correlates critical thinking skills with the use of systems thinking and dynamic modeling. After creating a definition of critical thinking, it expands upon how to use the tools of systems thinking and dynamic modeling to improve this important trait in students. The why and the how of using systems thinking and dynamic modeling in education are the fundamental topics covered in this introductory text.


The first chapter of this booklet is a reprint of the first chapter of??Tracing Connections: Voices of Systems Thinkers, describing the critical thinking skills that Barry Richmond delineated as the ones which systems thinking (and system dynamics) address so effectively. The second chapter is

based on the accompanying booklet for the video?????that School in Tucson, a longitudinal study of systems thinking in K-12 education, and is a direct correlation of Richmond???s critical thinking skills with the tools of systems thinking and system dynamics used in K-12 education.



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