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Level B: Running in Circles: How Fast Can We Go?

This lesson explores individual choices and work styles and how some of those choices may lead to cycles of burnout. Students take on the role of "advisor" to friends who are experiencing these cycles and also reflect on their own personal life choices.


Learning goals:

  • Represent and interpret data on a line graph.
  • Explore possible causes of burnout and identify potential leverage for prevention.
  • Give advice to "friends" based on an understanding of causes and leverage points.
  • Self-assess, reflect, and make a personal plan.

Student Challenge:

  • Explore a series of situations, giving advice to virtual "friends" who are experiencing burnout cycles.

Curricular Connections:

  • Math: Representing and interpreting data
  • Reading: Describing connections between ideas
  • Science: Feedback mechanisms, motivation of organisms
  • Social Studies: Individual development and identity

Simulation: Running in Circles: How Fast Can We Go?

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