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Level C: The Big Squeeze: Pressure, Achievement and Burnout

This model illustrates a workaholic situation where pressure is entirely internally generated through increasing one's own expectations for oneself. Overachievers can understand how setting the bar ever higher can be unhealthy behavior over the long-term even though they have been successful with this strategy so far in life.


Learning goals:

  • Represent and interpret data on a line graph.
  • Explore possible causes of burnout and identify potential leverage for prevention.
  • Give advice to peers, based on an understanding of causes of burnout and leverage points.
  • Self-assess, reflect, and make a personal plan.

Student Challenge:

  • While working as a volunteer peer advisor at school, give advice to peers who are experiencing burnout cycles based on evidence from the simulation.

Curricular Connections:

  • Math: Vary assumptions, explore consequences, and
    compare predictions with data.
  • Science: Feedback mechanisms, motivation of
  • Social Studies: Individual development and identity

Simulation: The Big Squeeze: Pressure, Achievement and Burnout

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