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Economics of Commodities

Level B: From Farm to Table: The Ups and Downs of What We Buy

This lesson explores a commodity market, hog farming, from two different perspectives. Students experience a simulated large and small farm, comparing the similarities and differences among trends, including retail pork prices and availability of pork.



Learning goals:

  • Represent and interpret data on a line graph.
  • Describe possible causes of oscillating price, demand, and supply by comparing simulated large and small hog farms.
  • Write an editorial article based on simulation trends.

Student Challenge:

  • Investigate different types of hog farms and write an editorial article with findings.

Curricular Connections:

  • Math: Representing and interpreting data
  • Reading: Describing connections among ideas
  • National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies: Characteristics of a market economy, how people deal with scarcity of resources, how consumers react to rising/falling prices of goods.

Simulation: From Farm to Table: The Ups and Downs of What We Buy

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