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Interpersonal Relationships

Level B: Romeo and Juliet - Parallel Universe

Students use a simple simulation to explore "what if" questions relating to characters. They can change how characters behave to consider whether a story might have emerged differently.

Note that students do not need to read the play, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet in order to explore the simulation.


Learning goals:

  • Represent and interpret data on a line graph.
  • Create conditions that produce specific relationship dynamics.
  • Describe a loop of feelings between two characters.
  • Identify and describe other types of relationships that oscillate in a similar fashion.

Student Challenge:

  • Create different scenarios for the relationship between Romeo and Juliet – one that they perceive as matching the original story dynamics and others that are variations.

Curricular Connections:

  • Analyze how particular elements of a story or drama interact. (Common Core: 7th Grade Language Arts)
  • Compare and contrast a written story, drama, or poem to its audio, filmed, staged, or multimedia version, analyzing the effects of techniques unique to each medium.(Common Core: 7th Grade Language Arts)

Simulation: Romeo and Juliet - Parallel Universe

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