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Systems Tools in High School: Interdisciplinary Learning in a Science Classroom
Author(s): Alan Ticotsky Subject: Implementation
  A summary of how one teacher teaches across the curriculum. Chris DiCarlo teaches high school classes in several different disciplines at Innovation Academy Charter School (IACS). While technically in the science and math departments, he has taught physics, pre-calculus, robotics, environmental systems, financial literacy... and that's just in the past two years! The threads that tie together all of Chris's classes are a tightly woven combination of his own dynamic teaching style and the learning environment at IACS. Chris worked with IACS high school principal, Greg Orpen, to design a one-semester elective systems course for Fall 2012. "Environmental Systems and Computer Modeling" was designed to provide students with an overview of the Earth's physical systems and how human activity affects those systems.
Teaching Robotics with Goal-Seeking Loops
Author(s): Chris DiCarlo Subject: Science
  This lesson illustrates using a classic system dynamics goal-seeking loop to help teach coding for robotics.
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