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Drawing and Reading Behavior over Time Graphs: Four Math Lessons to Build Graphing Skills
Author(s): Rob Quaden, & Debra Lyneis Subject: Math
  In this series of exercises, eighth grade math students learn how to read and interpret graphs, to draw graphs to specify their ideas and explain them to others, and develop the skills of thinking and communicating in terms of graphs.
Economics and System Dynamics for Young Students
Author(s): Debra Lyneis, Rob Quaden, & Alan Ticotsky Subject: Social Studies
  Today's students need an understanding of economics and system dynamics to participate effectively and fully in our complex global economy, but very few schools teach either discipline. Carlisle, Massachussetts teachers have developed several basic econom
GET MOVING! Solutions to the Epidemic of Childhood Obesity
Author(s): Omar Aboulezz, & Debra Lyneis Subject: Student Work
  What happens when kids spend hours every day watching TV or playing video games? Could these behaviors lead to obesity and serious illness? And, if so, what can we do about it? Omar Aboulezz, a fifth grader at the Flagg Street School in Worcester, Massa
Graphing the Friendship Game: A Preliminary System Dynamics Lesson
Author(s): Alan Ticotsky, & Debra Lyneis Subject: Personal Growth and Development
  A variation on the original Friendship Game (SS1996-11FriendshipGame) becomes the foundation for an introductory graphing lesson for students in grades K, 1 and 2, adding graphing to the systems tools used and systems concepts learned in the game.
Introductory Packet
Author(s): CLE Subject: Why K12 SD
  A packet of six articles to introduce system dynamics in education. Includes: a) System Dynamics And Learner-Centered-Learning In Kindergarten Through 12th Grade Education. (Jay W. Forrester) An argument for the necessity of change in the educational process and the applicability of system dynamics in K-12 education. By the founder of the discipline of system dynamics. b) Systems Thinking, Four Key Questions. (Barry Richmond) A general over-view. Interesting paper to read to get the perspective of a professional system dynamicist, c) Bring System Dynamics to a School near You ( Debra Lyneis.) An explanation of the methods people have used to bring system dynamics and learner-centered learning to schools across the US.d) Consider The Gypsy Moth: An Example of System Dynamics for Carlisle. (Debra Lyneis) An explanation of how system dynamics would "look" and work in a curriculum, using the gypsy moth caterpillar as a concrete example of its application in a science curriculum. A simple presentation which clearly demonstrates how to start using and understanding basic system dynamics and modeling. e) Infusing System Dynamics into Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Curriculum (Debra Lyneis) A guide to help infuse the system dynamics concepts into curriculum. f) System Dynamics in 25 Words or Less (Debra Lyneis) A short, succinct description of system dynamics.
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Two Loops, Three Loops, or Four Loops: Pedagogic Issues in Explaining Epidemic Dynamics
Author(s): James M. Lyneis, & Debra Lyneis Subject: System Dynamics
  How many feedback loops, and of what type, control the behavior of an epidemic? A search of the literature discovered two-, three-, and four-loop versions of the basic epidemic model in introductory system dynamics materials. How can the same behavio
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