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A Skeptic's Guide to Computer Models (D-4101-1)
Author(s): John D. Sterman Subject: System Dynamics
  From SDEP. A detailed description of computer modeling and of the advantages and limitations of several types of models, this paper examines some modeling techniques, focusing on their assumptions and possible implications of their application in foresight and policy making. From Road Maps 9.
Tooling Game
Author(s): John Sterman, & Will Glass Husain Subject: Cross-Curricular
  From Catalina Foothills School District. STELLA II v. 3.0 model of John Sterman's "Tooling Game of Deadline Pressure." This model helps students analyze study habits; "tooling" is an MIT word for studying.

Complex Systems Connection: Cause within System, Short and Long Term Conflicts. Many people are familiar with the story of the grasshopper and the ant. This simulation allows students to experience the long-term pain of not keeping up with homework assignments! Students may think that teachers are out to "get them" with ever-increasing piles of assignments, but this simulation shows that their own study habits can be to blame for the end-of-the-semester crunch they run into.
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