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The Systems Thinking Playbook Exercise 6: Warped Juggle
Author(s): Linda Booth Sweeney, & Dennis Meadows Subject: Cross-Curricular
  Participants in this group activity attempt to improve performance as they toss an object among individuals in a particular order.

Complex Systems Connection: Cause within System, Incorrect High-Leverage Policies. Participants attempt to improve performance by changing the structure of the system, but the action is only effective up to a point. Participants must change a mental model about the rules in order to create significant change in the system. Available from Chelsea Green Publishers.

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Using Dynamic Simulation to Teach Physics in a Real-World Context
Author(s): Gary B. Hirsch Subject: Science
  This paper describes a family of simulators that have been developed to teach several topics in physics, including circular motion, collisions, energy storage, and heat flow. These simulators provide students with laboratories for experimenting with the p
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