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The Waters Grant Project - Orange Grove Middle School
Author(s): Orange Grove Middle School Subject: Project Histories
  From Catalina Foothills School District. A description of the Waters Grant project at the Orange Grove Middle School in Tucson during the fifth year of its existence. The project is committed to developing a Learning Organization in the school's organizat
The First Year: Integrating Systems Thinking and STELLA into the K-12 Curriculum
Author(s): Richard Langheim, & Timothy Lucas Subject: Project Histories
  A description of the process of introducing systems education in the Ridgewood Public Schools, Ridgewood, NJ. Includes: 1) Incorporating Systems Thinking into a Curriculum Drama Presentation. Timothy R. Lucas. A Lesson plan for fourth graders—incorporatin
The CC-STADUS Training Materials: A Program for Developing Models and Modelers for the Pre-College Environment
Author(s): Tim Joy, Ron Zaraza, & Scott Guthrie Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS. A summary of the CC-STADUS Project training program funded by the National Science Foundation, including a schedule and description of the 12-day program.
The CC-STADUS Project: Developing and Nurturing a Cadre of Pre-College Teachers Using System Dynamics/Computer Modeling in the Classroom
Author(s): Ron Zaraza Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS. A history and evaluation of the CC-STADUS Project, highlighting some major success and a variety of problems in the process of training more than 80 pre-college science, mathematics, and social science teachers in the basics of computer mo
Teaching System Dynamics to Teachers and Students in 8-12 Environment
Author(s): Diana M. Fisher Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS. Paper presented at the 1994 International System Dynamics Conference--System Dynamics, Exploring the Boundaries. The paper presents two topics: l) the details of training math, science, and social studies teachers in systemic modeling duri
Teaching a Conventional Class (Global Studies) in An Unconventional Manner Using STELLA
Author(s): Scott Guthrie, & Megs Patton Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS/CC-SUSTAIN. Presented at the 16th Internaitonal Conference of the System Dynamics Society in Quebec '98. The description of the first year of a Global Studies course using STELLA, with the basic outline of the course and a brief evaluation.
Systems Thinking Education in K-12 in Taiwan: His-Fu Cultural Foundation
Author(s): Richard Tu Subject: Project Histories
  A brief outline of the His-Fu Cultural Foundation, its history, vision, and goals, which includes a learning program for grades 3-6 and a sample game, The Fish Pond Story. The final page lists areas in which the Foundation would like help or ideas and pro
Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in the CC-STADUS High School Project (How High School Students Become System Thinkers)
Author(s): Scott Guthrie, & Diana Fisher Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS. Science teacher Scott Guthrie and math teacher Diana Fisher discuss their individual approaches teaching a year long course in system dynamics modeling. Presented at the 1996 International System Dynamics Conference in Cambridge, MA.
Systems Thinking & System Dynamics in K-12 Education: A summary of existing systems
Author(s): Mary Scheetz Subject: Project Histories
  During the 1995-96 school year a study, supported by The Waters Foundation, was conducted in 12 school districts around the USA that are integrating systems thinking and dynamic modeling into their programs. This paper contains the summaries of the 12 pro
Systems Education For Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade in the United States: A View from the Creative Learning Exchange
Author(s): Lees N. Stuntz Subject: Project Histories
  An overview of 7 different schools using system dynamics and the means by which they began, gives insights into how other school systems might approach the venture.
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