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Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling within K-12 Schools: Effects on Student Learning
Author(s): Anne LaVigne Subject: Research
  The increasing trend of use of systems thinking and dynamic modeling could not have occurred without a network of educators who saw the benefits for their students and who worked and continue to work on developing capacity to apply systems thinking and dy
Teaching Characteristics of Complex Systems in K-12 Education: Lessons Learned
Author(s): Jennifer Andersen, Anne LaVigne, & Lees Stuntz Subject: Research
  This paper describes lessons learned while completing a pilot project initiated by Professor Jay Forrester through the Creative Learning Exchange. The goal of the Characteristics of Complex Systems Project (CCSP) is to create online curriculum materials f
The Feedback Method : A System Dynamics Approach to Teaching Macroeconomics
Author(s): David Wheat Subject: Research
  This thesis documents a method for improving undergraduate instruction in macroeconomics. Called the feedback method, it enables students to learn about dynamic behavior in a market economy by using feedback loop diagrams and interactive computer simulati
  Link to the file:
Using Systems Thinking to Improve Interdisciplinary Learning Outcomes: Reflections on a Pilot Study in Land Economics
Author(s): Leah Greden Mathews , & Andrew Jones Subject: Research
  Abstract: Systems thinking is an inquiry-based method of learning that uses the technique of perspective-taking, fosters holistic thinking, and engages in belief-testing. This paper describes a pilot study in an undergraduate Land Economics course that in
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