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Rubrics for Understanding: Using System Dynamics Tools.
Author(s): DynamiQUEST 2000 Committee Subject: Implementation
  Updated for 2001. Originally developed by the DynamiQUEST 2000 Committee, these newly updated rubrics were created to be used as a complete package to help delineate standards for the use of system dynamics in the classroom.
Seamless Integration of System Dynamics into High School Mathematics: Algebra, Calculus, Modeling Courses
Author(s): Diana Fisher, & Ron Zaraza Subject: Implementation
  From CC-STADUS. A report on the introduction of system dynamics concepts into the mathematics curricula, including sample models.
Soda/Profit/Advertising Game
Author(s): Sam DeVore, Will Glass-Husain, & Mike Slootmaker Subject: Cross-Curricular
  From Catalina Foothills School District. STELLA II v. 3.0 models of the MIT Beer Game, called the Soda Game in our high school version, where students operate a retail soda business. Worksheets included.

Complex Systems Connection: Cause within System.
  Zipped (Models & PDF)
Some Basic Concepts in System Dynamics (D-4894)
Author(s): Jay W. Forrester Subject: System Dynamics
  In its full development, system dynamics is a discipline with the scope of science, education, law, engineering, or medicine. On the other hand, it is becoming clear that teachers in ordinary K-12 schools can make enough progress in two or three years to
Stream Assimilation Capacity for Waste Material
Author(s): Tran Pham Subject: Science
  From the Maryland Virtual High School. The unit objective is to develop a model which will simulate the biodegradable process of man-made waste released into a stream. Students can design, experiment, collect data, build a model, evaluate the model, and redesign it to produce a working model applying appropriate mathematics and chemistry concepts. Funded by the Gordon Brown Fund.
  Zipped (Models & PDF)
Succession from Sand Dune to Maritime Forest on a Barrier Island
Author(s): Aili Carlson, & Sarah Clemmitt Subject: Science
  From the Maryland Virtual High School. By building a computer model of a complex dynamic system--the succession form sand dune to maritime forest on a barrier island--the student develops an understanding of the relationships among many contributing variables. The exercise deals with both modeling skills and the ecology of barrier islands. Funded by the Gordon Brown Fund.
  Zipped (Models & PDF)
System Dynamics - the Next Fifty Years (D-4892)
Author(s): Jay W. Forrester Subject: System Dynamics
  Fifty years after its creation, Professor Forrester reviews the current status of the field of system dynamics and assesses prospects for the next fifty. Forrester focuses on the challenges the field must face if it is to realize its potential.
System Dynamics and Learner-Centered Learning in Kindergarten through 12th Grade Education (D-4337)
Author(s): Jay W. Forrester Subject: Why K12 SD
  An argument for the necessity of change in the educational process and the applicability of system dynamics in K-12 education. By the founder of the discipline of system dynamics.
System Dynamics and Student Leadership
Author(s): Dan Barcan Subject: Implementation
  A discussion of one of the activities at DynamiQueST 2001, how it worked and how systems dynamics affected the students involved
System Dynamics and the Lessons of 35 Years (D-4224-4)
Author(s): Jay W. Forrester Subject: System Dynamics
  The professional field known as system dynamics has been developing for the last 35 years and now has a world-wide and growing membership. System dynamics combines the theory, methods, and philosophy needed to analyze the behavior of systems in not only m
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