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Systems Thinking in 25 Words or Less
Author(s): Debra Lyneis Subject: Why K12 SD
  An answer to the request "Explain what systems thinking is and what it has to do with educating children," in a few more than 25 words.
Systems Thinking in Teacher Education
Author(s): Ruth Fruland Subject: Why K12 SD
  In this article I will present some results from my dissertation research, in which I introduced systems thinking (ST) and systems dynamics (SD) to preservice teachers in an interdisciplinary methods course. I wanted to understand how preservice (student) teachers would respond to the paradigm of systems thinking, including specific components, and SD modeling methods, to guide future work in teacher education.
Systems Thinking, Four Key Questions
Author(s): Barry Richmond Subject: Why K12 SD
  A general over-view. Interesting paper to read to get the perspective of a professional system dynamicist.
Systems Thinking: Critical Thinking Skills for the 1990's and Beyond
Author(s): Barry Richmond Subject: Why K12 SD
  Barry Richmond poses the question: How can the framework, process and technologies of systems thinking be transferred to the rest of the world in an amount of time that is considerably less than what it currently takes to get a Master's or Ph.D. in our field? Two aspects of the transfer process are addressed. Excerpted from: Proceedings of the 1990 International Conference on System Dynamics.
The Zen of System Dynamics
Author(s): Richard Turnock Subject: Why K12 SD
  Insight into how the mind works is the path to enlightenment in Zen. Insight into how to change our mental models using dynamic model simulations on the computer is the path to learning using System Dynamics.
Why System Dynamics?
Author(s): Richard Turnock Subject: Why K12 SD
  From an online blog, this article presents clearly and concisely that the public school paradigms of "what" and "how" lack the "why." System Dynamics enables us to understand WHY systems work the way they do in order to prepare for the future.
Why Use Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in K-12 Education?
Author(s): CLE Subject: Why K12 SD
  A brief answer to the question posed in the title. When ST/SD tools and concepts are used in conjunction with a student-centered approach, schools, students, teachers and communities benefit. As ST/SD is integrated into the culture of classrooms and schools, it creates a positive cycle of engagement and motivation for both students and their teachers.
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