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Stress on the First Day of Middle School
Author(s): Jane Macon Middle School Teachers Subject: Personal Growth and Development
  From the Gist Project. Students use a Behavior-over-Time graph to demonstrate their stress/anxiety on the first day of Middle School, and write about it. Two weeks later they repeat the activity and write about their changed feelings.
GIST Sampler/Project Overview
Author(s): GIST Subject: Project Histories
  From the GIST Project. A full report of the GIST project, its goals, how it began, and how it has evolved; learning environment development and descriptions, activity sheets.
Designing Instructional Units with a Systems Thinking/System Dynamics Approach
Author(s): Lil Williams Subject: Project Histories
  From the GIST Project. A brief explanation, with specific examples using GIST curricula, of when and how a study can be enhanced with an ST/SD approach.
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