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Cooling Cup Packet
Author(s): Celeste Chung, & Albert Powers Subject: Science
  The original paper by Celeste Chung and a follow-up by Albert Powers. Includes: a) A Cooling Cup Of Coffee (Celeste V. Chung). A simple model describing the dynamics of a cooling cup of coffee as illustrative of constant outflow and negative feedback. b) Cooling Cup of Coffee II. (Albert Powers). A follow-up to Celeste Chung's paper "A Cooling Cup of Coffee," giving additional information and input into the dynamics involved.
  Zipped (Models & PDF)
Dynamic Models for Instruction and Exploration in Chemistry Packet
Author(s): Albert Powers Subject: Science
  A collection of interactive computer models intended for use in introductory chemistry programs. Each model clarifies fundamental chemical concepts and encourages their exploration by simulating the dynamic behavior of carefully selected systems. Includes: a) Le Chatelier's Principle (Albert Powers). Models for use of STELLA in the exploration of the dynamics of Le Chatelier's Principle. b) Chemical Equilibrium (Albert Powers). The use of STELLA to help elucidate the dynamics of chemical equilibrium. c) Thermal Decomposition of a Metal Carbonate (Albert Powers). Use of STELLA modeling in the exploration of the dynamics of the thermal decomposition of a metal carbonate. Suitable for high school chemistry. d) Dynamic Models for Instruction and Exploration in Chemistry: Water Vapor And Ideal Gas Behavior (Albert L. Powers). Use of STELLA interactive model for use in exploring water vapor and ideal gas behavior.
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Dynamic Models for Learning and Exploration in Physics: The Vertical Throw
Author(s): Albert L. Powers Subject: Science
  An interactive computer model intended for use in an introductory physics program. For use when first introducing the concepts of motion, illustrates behavior of a ball thrown upward. Model can be constructed by beginning physics students also new to the use of STELLA II.
  Zipped (Models & PDF)
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