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Author(s): Jeff Potash, & John Heinbokel Subject: Social Studies
  This second article poses the question, "How can we effectively use system dynamics to build social studies curricula to meet those two goals?" These ideas have evolved over years of working with students, most recently with Rob Skiff within the middle-
Systemic Planning
Author(s): Ralph Brauer, John Heinbokel, & Jeff Potash Subject: Implementation
  Insights and discussion about the development of a basic outline model focusing on student performance.
The Shape of Change Models
Author(s): Jeff Potash, & John Heinbokel Subject: Cross-Curricular
  These are the models that accompany The Shape of Change lessons.

Complex Systems Connection: Some lessons in the Shape of Change series can be used to illustrate specific characteristics of complex systems. Please see individual lessons for more information.
  Zipped (Models & PDF)
Thinking about Drinking: What are the Effects of Drinking Alcohol
Author(s): Jeff Potash Subject: Cross-Curricular
  The purpose of this simulation is to increase awareness of potential effects of alcohol on the body over a 12-hour period. The simulation provides students and adults an opportunity to see what happens over time after the consumption of alcohol.

Link to the simulation:
Thinking Systemically about Common Core Mathematical Practice Standards:
Author(s): Jeff Potash Subject: Implementation
  As a starting point for discussion, the author proposes a reinforcing feedback loop to answer the question, "Can the mathematics standards be organized to support systems thinking and learning?"
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