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Kangaroo Rat Populations
Author(s): Steve Uyeda, & Mike Slootmaker Subject: Science
  From Catalina Foothills School District. Draft of material field tested during the 97-98 school year, in which students will analyze a current dynamic system, make predictions about what happens if variables change, validate the current system through appropriate readings, and modify the model to reflect possible changes. This unit is species and location specific, but the model and presentation style are adaptable.

Complex Systems Connection: Short and Long Term Conflicts. The ranchers want more grazing land for their cattle now; biologists want to make sure that the ecosystem health is maintained for the long-term. Students take on a role as representative for the Cattle Association in order to investigate the effects of grazing on the land.
  Zipped (Models & PDF)
Soda/Profit/Advertising Game
Author(s): Sam DeVore, Will Glass-Husain, & Mike Slootmaker Subject: Cross-Curricular
  From Catalina Foothills School District. STELLA II v. 3.0 models of the MIT Beer Game, called the Soda Game in our high school version, where students operate a retail soda business. Worksheets included.

Complex Systems Connection: Cause within System.
  Zipped (Models & PDF)
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