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Behind Closed Gates - Paper from the 2015 System Dynamics Conference
Author(s): Anne LaVigne, & Lees Stuntz Subject: Cross-Curricular
  The Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE), conducted at Stanford University by Philip Zimbardo in 1971 is a powerful example of seeing how people respond in highly stressful situations in which one individual or group has power over another. Although this type of experiment no longer meets the ethical standards for human study, the learning that has resulted impacts current understanding and, in some cases, decisions about how to structure systems, such as penal institutions.
Friendship Game
Author(s): Peg Clemans Subject: Personal Growth and Development
  From Catalina Foothills School District. In this game, students are introduced to the concept of reinforcing relationships, as well as the idea that practicing their friendship skills could not only lead to a friendship, but could also make more friendshi
GET MOVING! Solutions to the Epidemic of Childhood Obesity
Author(s): Omar Aboulezz, & Debra Lyneis Subject: Student Work
  What happens when kids spend hours every day watching TV or playing video games? Could these behaviors lead to obesity and serious illness? And, if so, what can we do about it? Omar Aboulezz, a fifth grader at the Flagg Street School in Worcester, Massa
Graphing the Friendship Game: A Preliminary System Dynamics Lesson
Author(s): Alan Ticotsky, & Debra Lyneis Subject: Personal Growth and Development
  A variation on the original Friendship Game (SS1996-11FriendshipGame) becomes the foundation for an introductory graphing lesson for students in grades K, 1 and 2, adding graphing to the systems tools used and systems concepts learned in the game.
Scholarship Recipients at the 2010 ST/DM Conference Reflect upon their Experiences
Author(s): Barbara Casanova, & et. al. Subject: Personal Growth and Development
  The 2010 ST/DM conference was held in June of 2010, at the Babson Conference Center. For many, it was the first experience at one of our conferences. Two scholarships supported attendance for many of these first-timers. One was the Tracing Connections Sc
Stress on the First Day of Middle School
Author(s): Jane Macon Middle School Teachers Subject: Personal Growth and Development
  From the Gist Project. Students use a Behavior-over-Time graph to demonstrate their stress/anxiety on the first day of Middle School, and write about it. Two weeks later they repeat the activity and write about their changed feelings.
What It's Like to Be a Pioneer: What's the Rush?
Author(s): Debra Lyneis Subject: Implementation
  Prepared with the support of the Gordon Stanley Brown Fund. Jay Forrester has suggested that we could speed the spread of learner-centered-learning and system dynamics in K-12 education by sharing tales of "what it’s like to be a pioneer." It might help others who are starting out, or just curious, to know about other teachers’ experiences, positive student outcomes, pitfalls, political issues, responses of administrators and fellow teachers, student and parent feedback, triumphs and tribulations. This paper presents one such vignette.
When a Butterfly Sneezes Story 11: The Lorax
Author(s): Linda Booth Sweeney Subject: Cross-Curricular
  The desire to have more and more drives the Once-ler to chop down more and more trees to create a product he sells. Eventually, the trees are gone.

Complex Systems Connection: Short and Long Term Conflicts. The short-term action of cutting down trees (taking a resource faster than it can regenerate) eventually leads (after a delay) to the disappearance of the forest.
When a Butterfly Sneezes Story 5: The Sneeches and Other Stories
Author(s): Linda Booth Sweeney Subject: Cross-Curricular
  Prejudice between two groups leads to actions which further promotes exclusivity.

Complex Systems Connection: Shifting Burden, Short and Long Term Conflicts. The burden of solving a need for exclusivity is shifted to a short-term solution that takes away focus from the more fundamental answer to the problem.
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