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Teacher as Systems Designer: Classroom Structures for Effective Student Learning
Author(s): Rob Quaden, & Alan Ticotsky Subject: Conference
  This workshop examines both the practical and philosophical aspects that contribute to a dynamic, learner-centered classroom. We will look at teaching and learning from several points of view, using a variety of systems tools. In this fast-paced, hands-on introductory session, educators will develop their understanding of systems by using some of the key tools of systems thinking, system dynamics, and organizational learning. Explore how behavior-over-time graphs, iceberg diagrams, stock and flow diagrams, connection circles, and causal loop diagrams can be applied to understand and solve complex problems in an educational setting.
Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling within K-12 Schools: Effects on Student Learning
Author(s): Anne LaVigne Subject: Research
  The increasing trend of use of systems thinking and dynamic modeling could not have occurred without a network of educators who saw the benefits for their students and who worked and continue to work on developing capacity to apply systems thinking and dynamic modeling within classroom instruction and organizational learning. Perhaps some important questions to consider are "How and why has it spread thus far?" and "What keeps it from spreading more quickly?" One partial answer begins with yet another question: "After twenty years, what evidence exists that using systems thinking/dynamic modeling (ST/DM) methodologies has a positive, desirable effect on student learning?" Four areas of evidence are available, each in different quantities and with different measurement criteria. The largest body of evidence is found within the anecdotes of teachers who describe thinking and learning results for their students. Although smaller in quantity, action research (a methodology used to investigate a particular question about learning) and student survey results allow for observation of some general trends relating to student learning/thinking. Finally, empirical research studies are less prevalent, but have occurred within K-12 classrooms.
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