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Beginning ST Using Games and Other Technologies to Reinforce Systems Thinking
Author(s): Rob Quaden, & Alan Ticotsky Subject: Conference
  Participants will learn Systems Thinking principles, tools, and concepts using hands-on, engaging, classroom-tested games and activities. Lessons are suitable for all age levels and are appropriate for beginners through intermediate practitioners. Activities will be adapted to the needs of the participants.
Behind Closed Gates - Paper from the 2015 System Dynamics Conference
Author(s): Anne LaVigne, & Lees Stuntz Subject: Cross-Curricular
  The Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE), conducted at Stanford University by Philip Zimbardo in 1971 is a powerful example of seeing how people respond in highly stressful situations in which one individual or group has power over another. Although this type of experiment no longer meets the ethical standards for human study, the learning that has resulted impacts current understanding and, in some cases, decisions about how to structure systems, such as penal institutions.
Building the Big Picture: Developing Systems Thinking Tools with Young Children
Author(s): Barbara Cassanova, Caryl Crowell, Molly Reed, & Ginger Snider Subject: Conference
  In this session, four educators from Borton Primary Magnet School will share how students’ use of Systems Thinking tools develops across the curriculum as they move from kindergarten to third grade, highlighting how each year of our students’ experiences with Systems Thinking tools leads to deeper understanding of concepts and increasing sophistication in different areas of the curriculum. We’ll also share how our collaborative inquiry into Systems Thinking nurtures our individual and collective professional growth.
CO2018_Teaching STEM with Systems Tools
Author(s): Chris DiCarlo, Ashley Young, Katharine Hinkle, & Rachel Henry Subject: Conference
  In this workshop, participants will see examples of systems tools used to teach STEM concepts. We will examine some of the reinforcing and balancing loops that regulate human body systems, discuss how stock-flow models can be used in Physics and Mathematics, and look at challenging problems like coastal erosion through the lens of a systems thinker. After a presentation of the tools, participants will have time to meet with the presenters and explore some of their own ideas for use in their classes. 
Creating Online Simulations for the Classroom with STELLA and isee NetSim
Author(s): Joanne Egner, & Jeremy Merritt Subject: Conference
  During this hands-on workshop you will create an interactive learning environment with STELLA and publish it online using isee NetSim wizard. Come see how easy it is to create web-based simulations and learning environments for use in your classroom. Both new and current STELLA users are welcome. Please bring a laptop computer.
Expanding Your Tool Kit: Developing Critical Thinking Skills with System Dynamics
Author(s): Torrey McMillan Subject: Conference
  In this workshop, appropriate for K-12 teachers or administrators with little to no background in Systems Thinking, we will explore the use of Systems Thinking as an analytical tool to promote complex thinking, research skills, and communication. We will review a range of assignments and applications of Systems Thinking, particularly in the context of global sustainability issues such as poverty, economic development, climate change, and ecosystem health. Participants will practice Systems Thinking, including construction and interpretation of behavior-over-time graphs and causal loop diagrams.
Getting Insight about Environmental Issues by Practicing Causal Loops
Author(s): Zerrin Doganca Subject: Conference
  The session will include two lesson plans, two stories addressing a systems approach in different contexts, exercises of causal loop diagrams related to issues in the stories, and a discussion about the results obtained in an experimental design with fifth grade Turkish students. The context of the session is based largely on environmental issues like conservation of species and effect of pesticides on living organisms. This study has been applied to students with no experience in system dynamics. Hence, participants at all levels will be welcome to this session.
Haig Dynamics, A Dream in the Making… System Dynamics Club at Earl Haig Secondary School
Author(s): Yannick Ngana Subject: Conference
  Haig Dynamics is a student-lead System Dynamics club at Earl Haig Secondary School. The session will share the journey and the experiences of Haig Dynamics, including the rationale of the being of the club, its mandate, as well as its goals and objectives. It will also consist of a recapitulation of the achievements of Haig Dynamics, including the topics discussed, and any feedback from students regarding System Dynamics.
How Does a System Dynamicist Think?
Author(s): Dennis Meadows Subject: Conference
  A workshop led by this internationally known System Dynamicist, a master teachers who will share his unique ways of delving into problems, using a system dynamics mindset.
How Does Systems Thinking Fit in with 21st Century Skills?
Author(s): Ken Kay Subject: Conference
  This two-part keynote session will start with Ken Kay explaining the work of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, its role in systemic educational change and how systems thinking fits into the 21st Century skill set. The second part of this morning’s session will feature a discussion among participants and between Peter Senge and Ken Kay about the interconnection amongst 21st Century Skills, Systems Thinking and educational change.
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