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When a Butterfly Sneezes Story 8: A River Ran Wild
Author(s): Linda Booth Sweeney Subject: Cross-Curricular
  Based on a true story of the Nashua River, the book describes the river over a 7000-year period.

Complex Systems Connection: Short and Long Term Conflicts. The limits to growth archetype tells the story of how overuse of the river to meet short-term needs lead to its near death over the long-term.
When a Butterfly Sneezes Story 9: Butter Battle Book
Author(s): Linda Booth Sweeney Subject: Cross-Curricular
  The Yooks and Zooks build weapons with greater and greater destructive capacity.

Complex Systems Connection: Cause within System. Mental models and established relationships within the system create an escalation over time which can be compared to other conflicts, e.g. Cold War.
When the Wind Blows Teacher's Guide
Author(s): Marcie Colleen Subject: Cross-Curricular
  This classroom guide for When the Wind Blows is designed for students in kindergarten through third grade. It is assumed that teachers will adapt each activity to fit the needs and abilities of their own students. It offers activities to help teachers integrate When the Wind Blows into English language arts (ELA), mathematics, science, and social studies curricula. All activities were created in conjunction with relevant content standards in ELA, math, science, social studies, art, and drama.
Why System Dynamics?
Author(s): Richard Turnock Subject: Why K12 SD
  From an online blog, this article presents clearly and concisely that the public school paradigms of "what" and "how" lack the "why." System Dynamics enables us to understand WHY systems work the way they do in order to prepare for the future.
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