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The Story of Charles: Introducing Systems Thinking Tools to the Harris School
Author(s): Robert Kalman Subject: Implementation
  A school principal discusses how using systems thinking tools may help schools to move in more productive, useful directions in response to difficulties.
Smallpox Crisis Management Simulation
Author(s): Ron Zaraza Subject: Cross-Curricular
  Twenty-three students from three Portland area high schools accepted an invitation to serve as part of the CMT for an unspecified disaster simulation. In 30 hours at Wilson High School, they went from the introduction of the problem to a fully developed and model-tested plan for dealing with a smallpox outbreak, reducing deaths from a possible 750,000+ to fewer than 250. They developed a control plan that used the same strategies the World Health Organization developed over a ten-year period for dealing with smallpox outbreaks.

Complex Systems Connection: Separate Cause and Effect. For some illness/disease, symptoms appear long after initial infection. Sometimes people travel great distance while infected because they are unaware of the infection. Medical "detectives" faced with an epidemic must understand how the infection spreads and how quickly. Delays in the system make this more difficult.
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