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System Dynamics: Quotations from K-12 Teachers D-4893
Author(s): Jay W. Forrester Subject: Why K12 SD
  This paper discusses the most recent frontier in system dynamics and its use as a foundation underlying a dramatically different kind of education in kindergarten through 12th grade.
System Dynamics: the Foundation Under Systems Thinking (D-4902)
Author(s): Jay W. Forrester Subject: System Dynamics
  This paper discusses system dynamics as a solid systems core in K-12 schools. It originally appeared in Reflection, Journal of the Society for Organizational Learning, Vol.1, No. 3, Spring 2000, published by the MIT Press, as a response to Peter M. Senge's article in the same issue entitled "Systems Change in Education". Revised 12/2010.
Systems Thinking & System Dynamics in K-12 Education: A summary of existing systems
Author(s): Mary Scheetz Subject: Project Histories
  During the 1995-96 school year a study, supported by The Waters Foundation, was conducted in 12 school districts around the USA that are integrating systems thinking and dynamic modeling into their programs. This paper contains the summaries of the 12 pro
Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in the CC-STADUS High School Project (How High School Students Become System Thinkers)
Author(s): Scott Guthrie, & Diana Fisher Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS. Science teacher Scott Guthrie and math teacher Diana Fisher discuss their individual approaches teaching a year long course in system dynamics modeling. Presented at the 1996 International System Dynamics Conference in Cambridge, MA.
Systems Thinking/System Dynamics Project Standards
Author(s): DynamiQueST Committee Subject: Implementation
  This shorter set of rubrics is taken from the Rubrics for Understanding developed by the DynamiQueST committee to help guide coaching in the use of the tools of ST/SD
Teaching Robotics with Goal-Seeking Loops
Author(s): Chris DiCarlo Subject: Science
  This lesson illustrates using a classic system dynamics goal-seeking loop to help teach coding for robotics.
Teaching System Dynamics to Teachers and Students in 8-12 Environment
Author(s): Diana M. Fisher Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS. Paper presented at the 1994 International System Dynamics Conference--System Dynamics, Exploring the Boundaries. The paper presents two topics: l) the details of training math, science, and social studies teachers in systemic modeling duri
The Beginning of System Dynamics (D-4165-1)
Author(s): Jay W. Forrester Subject: System Dynamics
  Banquet Talk at the international meeting of the System Dynamics Society, Stuttgart, Germany, July 13, l989. Not a technical talk but a very personal recollection of how Jay Forrester came to develop the field of system dynamics. There are two threads that run through the history. First, everything he has ever done has converged to become system dynamics. Second, at many critical moments, when opportunity knocked, he was willing to walk through the open door to what was on the other side. He discusses this combination of past experience and the turning points that led from one stage to the next.
The CC-STADUS Project: Developing and Nurturing a Cadre of Pre-College Teachers Using System Dynamics/Computer Modeling in the Classroom
Author(s): Ron Zaraza Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS. A history and evaluation of the CC-STADUS Project, highlighting some major success and a variety of problems in the process of training more than 80 pre-college science, mathematics, and social science teachers in the basics of computer mo
The Challenges of Infusing System Dynamics into a K-8 Curriculum
Author(s): Debra Lyneis, & Davida Fox-Melanson Subject: Implementation
  Presented to the 2001 International System Dynamics Society Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This paper describes the process of developing and implementing system dynamics lessons in the Carlisle, MA Public Schools. Using one lesson as an example, it will illustrate what the children do and what they learn. It also presents the problems of imbedding the lesson and the systems approach into the curriculum.
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