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System Dynamics for Kids
Author(s): Jim Hight Subject: Why K12 SD
  A article highlighting Jay Forrester's application of system dynamics to education and steps taken by Jay with Gordon Brown, Frank Draper, and others to develop this novel approach to education that Tucson, AZ and other cities are exploring.
System Dynamics in K-12 Education: Lessons Learned
Author(s): Debra Lyneis, & Lees N. Stuntz Subject: Implementation
  This is a follow-up report from the 2001 SD in K-12 planning meeting held at Essex, MA. Key players in the K-12 SD field reflect on their work, lessons they have learned, and future plans.
System Dynamics Meets The Press
Author(s): Donella H. Meadows Subject: System Dynamics
  A narration of the experiences of a systems thinker and the struggle to introduce systems concepts into today's society.
System Dynamics Modeling and STEM
Author(s): Diana M. Fisher Subject: Conference
  From physical science, to life science, to math, the motion detector and system dynamics models help students understand dynamics, feedback, and patterns. Participants will build models involving resource depletion and predator/prey interactions, among others. Participants should have a laptop computer for this intermediate level workshop.
System Dynamics Models Created by High School Students.
Author(s): Diana M. Fisher Subject: Project Histories
  Presented at the 2000 International System Dynamics Society Conference in Bergen, Norway, this paper presents examples of models with serious mistakes made in the early years of modeling classes in Portland, OR, and a larger set of good models that are mo
System Dynamics: Quotations from K-12 Teachers D-4893
Author(s): Jay W. Forrester Subject: Why K12 SD
  This paper discusses the most recent frontier in system dynamics and its use as a foundation underlying a dramatically different kind of education in kindergarten through 12th grade.
System Dynamics: the Foundation Under Systems Thinking (D-4902)
Author(s): Jay W. Forrester Subject: System Dynamics
  This paper discusses system dynamics as a solid systems core in K-12 schools. It originally appeared in Reflection, Journal of the Society for Organizational Learning, Vol.1, No. 3, Spring 2000, published by the MIT Press, as a response to Peter M. Senge'
Systems Thinking & System Dynamics in K-12 Education: A summary of existing systems
Author(s): Mary Scheetz Subject: Project Histories
  During the 1995-96 school year a study, supported by The Waters Foundation, was conducted in 12 school districts around the USA that are integrating systems thinking and dynamic modeling into their programs. This paper contains the summaries of the 12 pro
Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in the CC-STADUS High School Project (How High School Students Become System Thinkers)
Author(s): Scott Guthrie, & Diana Fisher Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS. Science teacher Scott Guthrie and math teacher Diana Fisher discuss their individual approaches teaching a year long course in system dynamics modeling. Presented at the 1996 International System Dynamics Conference in Cambridge, MA.
Teaching System Dynamics to Teachers and Students in 8-12 Environment
Author(s): Diana M. Fisher Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS. Paper presented at the 1994 International System Dynamics Conference--System Dynamics, Exploring the Boundaries. The paper presents two topics: l) the details of training math, science, and social studies teachers in systemic modeling duri
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