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The CC-STADUS Training Materials: A Program for Developing Models and Modelers for the Pre-College Environment
Author(s): Tim Joy, Ron Zaraza, & Scott Guthrie Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS. A summary of the CC-STADUS Project training program funded by the National Science Foundation, including a schedule and description of the 12-day program.
The CC-STADUS Project: Developing and Nurturing a Cadre of Pre-College Teachers Using System Dynamics/Computer Modeling in the Classroom
Author(s): Ron Zaraza Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS. A history and evaluation of the CC-STADUS Project, highlighting some major success and a variety of problems in the process of training more than 80 pre-college science, mathematics, and social science teachers in the basics of computer mo
Smallpox Crisis Management Simulation
Author(s): Ron Zaraza Subject: Cross-Curricular
  Twenty-three students from three Portland area high schools accepted an invitation to serve as part of the CMT for an unspecified disaster simulation. In 30 hours at Wilson High School, they went from the introduction of the problem to a fully developed and model-tested plan for dealing with a smallpox outbreak, reducing deaths from a possible 750,000+ to fewer than 250. They developed a control plan that used the same strategies the World Health Organization developed over a ten-year period for dealing with smallpox outbreaks.

Complex Systems Connection: Separate Cause and Effect. For some illness/disease, symptoms appear long after initial infection. Sometimes people travel great distance while infected because they are unaware of the infection. Medical "detectives" faced with an epidemic must understand how the infection spreads and how quickly. Delays in the system make this more difficult.
  Zipped (Models & PDF)
Seamless Integration of System Dynamics into High School Mathematics: Algebra, Calculus, Modeling Courses
Author(s): Diana Fisher, & Ron Zaraza Subject: Implementation
  From CC-STADUS. A report on the introduction of system dynamics concepts into the mathematics curricula, including sample models.
Portrait Of A Civilization. A Study of Resource Use and Sustainability- STELLA Model and Simulation Game
Author(s): Alison Yahna, & Doug Girod Subject: Cross-Curricular
  From CC-STADUS. Edited by Andrew Jonca and Ron Zaraza. The story of the prosperity and collapse of Mahenjo Daro and its application to our modern fossil-fuel civilization.
  Zipped (Models & PDF)
Models For Use with At-Risk Students
Author(s): Ron Zaraza Subject: Cross-Curricular
  From CC-STADUS. Six models, accompanied by student work packets, which cover a variety of topics that are either difficult for many students to grasp, or are not usually taught to students identified as At-Risk. The six models are: Basic Coordinate Graphing; The Bathtub: Adventures in Linear Graphs; Changing Slopes; Parabolic Graphs; Exploring Feedback: Reservoir Control; and Population Growth and Renewable Resources. Not designed exclusively for use with identified At-Risk students.
  Zipped (Models & PDF)
Modeling in the Educational Environment—Moving from Simplicity to Complexity
Author(s): Ron Zaraza, T Joy, & S Guthrie Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS/CC-SUSTAIN. Presented at the 16th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society in Quebec '98. A discussion of the downfalls of using complex models too soon, presenting the premise that one should always begin with the simplest m
Introducing System Dynamics into the Traditional Secondary Curriculum: The CC-STADUS Project's Search for Leverage Points
Author(s): Ron Zaraza, & Diana Fisher Subject: Implementation
  From CC-STADUS. A discussion of the single-subject natural "entry points" for system dynamics—areas where systems ideas and models are natural topics. Examples are given for physics, biology, mathematics, social sciences and literature.
Fundamental Changes in How We Teach: A Narrative about Teaching System Dynamics and the Art of Learning
Author(s): Timothy Joy, & Ron Zaraza Subject: Implementation
  From CC-STADUS. A brief summation of the changes in teaching style among successful teachers in the CC-STADUS Project.
Experiences in Developing Single-Discipline and Cross-Curricular Models for Classroom Use
Author(s): Ron Zaraza, & Diana Fisher Subject: Project Histories
  From CC-STADUS. The experiences of the CC-STADUS staff and participants in the CC-STADUS Project lead to recommendations and suggestions for model development and documentation, and training programs for teachers. Presented at the 1996 International Syste
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