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CLE Curriculum: Dollars and Sense Simulations


Each of the 7 Lessons begins with an open-ended question or challenge involving a computer simulation to manage different and important aspects of personal finances. The higher the lesson number, the harder the challenge.


Lesson 1 is strongly RECOMMENDED as a prerequisite for subsequent lessons. Each lesson is briefly described below.

Lesson 1: Can I Manage My Money and My Music?
Test different Saving then Spending PLANS to satisfy personal music needs: purchase of new Mp3 player and tunes over a 24 month period without running out of money!


Lesson 2: Can I Reach a Personal Saving and Spending Goal?
Identify a personal financial GOAL and test different Saving then Spending PLANS for achieving that GOAL within a 2 year (104 week) period.


Lesson 3: Can I Make Money with a Lemonade Stand?
Explore the real-world challenges of running a business (a virtual lemonade stand), with the GOAL of maximizing total profit.


Lesson 4: Can I Successfully Run the Local Food Bank?
Explore options for successfully running a local Food Bank for 10 weeks, balancing weekly food donations with weekly demands for food while trying to maximize the “good” the food donations can do.


Lesson 5: Can I Help a Responsible Teen Buy a Car?
Help a friend buy a first car by exploring the real-world challenges of balancing work responsibilities with other time demands (school work and fun), and income with expenses, in pursuing that savings GOAL.


Lesson 6: How Does Interest Grow My Savings?
An introduction to the powerful (and often explosive) nature of compound growth, as it plays out over time, and a real-world understanding of the potential power of compound interest in shaping personal finances.


Lesson 7: Can Compound Interest Make Me a Millionaire?

Use of all the concepts developed in earlier lessons (saving, spending, and compound interest) to see if, and how, an average person, starting an everyday job at age 21, can manage to save $1 million  in a period of 44 years (their working lives!) or less.


Select a Dollars and Sense: Stay in the Black PDF lesson to download
Each lesson includes teacher/parent instructions and student worksheets - these lessons are companions to the simulations above.


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