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CLE Conference


CLE Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling Conference
2012 Archive

2012 Conference Handouts

Here are the presentations and documents from the CLE conference in 2012. If you missed the most recent conference and you want to make sure that you do not miss the next one please registerwith the Creative Learning Exchange


Peter Senge
Now What? How Do We Implement the Common Core Standards and the STEM Process Using Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in our Educational System? Handout

George Richardson
Creating Critical Thinking in our Students through System Dynamics Handout

Dennis Meadows
Sustainability Games

Saturday, June 30

Workshops to Learn and Explore

A Beginner’s Guide to the Use of ST Tools in the Classroom
Mike Hanson and Brett Thompson, Tahoma Public Schools

Using the System Dynamics Process to Teach STEM and Common Core Math & Science
Diana Fisher, Portland Public Schools

Using System Dynamics Principles to Create a Learning Organization in a Classroom
Alan Ticotsky, Innovation Academy, and Rob Quaden, Carlisle Public Schools        

Lions, Tigers, and Bears: Creating Simple Financial and Population Models
Anne LaVigne, Creative Learning Exchange and Waters Foundation, Systems Thinking in Schools

How School and District Leaders Apply Systems Thinking to 21st Century Educational System
Tracy Benson and Kathy Scheppe, Tucson Public Schools.

Critical Thinking Skills: A Discussion of Barry Richmond’s Critical Thinking Skills and Systems Thinking in K-12 Education
Jeff Potash, CIESD, and Tim Joy, DeLaSalle North, Portland OR

Evening Poster Session and Informal Chat

CLE 2012 Conference: Fireside Chat

From the 2012 CLE Conference: Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling Conference.
This excerpt is pulled from an informal from a chat with system dynamics pioneers, including George Richardson, Peter Senge, and Dennis Meadows. This opportunity to discuss and interact with such pioneers is one of the unique opportunities provided by the CLE at their biennial conference.


Sunday, July 1

Session 1

Session 2

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