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There are various books available for teaching critical thinking using system dynamics. Listed below are books,  playkits, and DVDs developed and/or published by the Creative Learning Exchange. These materials have proved to be useful teaching guides for using systems thinking with students.

Dollars and Sense Book

Dollars and Sense
By Jeff Potash and John Heinbokel

The materials in Dollars and Sense challenge students to use systems thinking and mathematical tools to develop a realistic and personal understanding of the dynamics of the economic system in which we live. This knowledge and insight, along with computer simulation and support from teachers and parents, should help them maximize the chance for building a prosperous future.
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Healthy Chickens, Healthy Pastures (Playkit & Curriculum Guide)
By Linda Booth Sweeney and Renata Pomponi

This Playkit, Healthy Chickens, Healthy Pastures, is a game that has been created to help students think deliberately about living systems in a farm setting and give students a mental framework to take home and apply in other contexts.  Through this game, students will explore the hidden interconnections and dynamics surrounding the “Egg Mobile” and answer this question:  What’s the connection between the Egg Mobile and a healthy pasture? 
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The Shape of Change
By Rob Quaden and Alan Ticotsky

A key selection of introductory and intermediate lessons that focus on using systems thinking to teach critical thinking. Written by a team of master teacher mentors.
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The Shape of Change, including The Shape of Change: Stocks and Flows
By Rob Quaden and Alan Ticotsky with Debra Lyneis

This combined edition of two books contains lessons that engage students in classroom activities that help them understand not only what but also why things change over time. Why did doubling cause the number of friends to grow exponentially? Why did the mammoths go extinct? Why did the boiling water cool to room temperature?
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...that school in Tucson (DVD & Booklet)
By James Morrison, booklet written by The Creative Learning Exchange

A longitudinal study of systems thinking in K-12 Education. Thirteen years ago, middle school students and their faculty in Tucson, AZ, pioneered a revolutionary new approach to learning—using Systems Thinking tools to engage in collaborative, real-world problem solving that honed their critical thinking skills. We have the rare opportunity to revisit some of them thirteen years later and hear how this learner-centered approach transformed their lives.
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Tracing Connections: Voices of Systems Thinkers
published by isee systems and The Creative Learning Exchange

The book collects the experiences and thoughts of practitioners from education, business, public policy, and research to present its powerful applicability of Systems Thinking.
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