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Additional Resources: System Dynamics Education

System Dynamics Education

Waters Center for Systems Thinking
The Waters Center for Systems Thinking is an internationally recognized leader in system thinking capacity building. We are dedicated to providing the tools and methods that help people understand, track, and leverage the connections that affect their personal and professional goals.

CC Modeling Systems
If you are interested in learning and/or teaching students to analyze systems from the perspective of the feedback that controls the behavior of a system, the system dynamics modeling approach will provide a powerful tool for you. Additionally, the visual nature of the modeling software makes this modeling accessible to a wide range of students. To create a working model the student need only have an understanding of high school algebra. This type of modeling provides a different way to think about the serious issues we and our students face and gives us all a method that helps us understand and address these issues. 

Maryland Virtual High School of Science and Mathematics
Links to many student projects, including models built with STELLA

The Socio-Economic System Dynamics (SESDYN) Research Group at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Graduate Courses in System Dynamics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - System Dynamics Group 
Jay Forrester first introduced the discipline and study of system dynamics at MIT.  MIT's program, under the guidance of John Sterman, is one of the premier programs in system dynamics in the world.  Many current prominent system dynamicists have been educated in the program at the Sloan School.

On-Line graduate courses in System Dynamics at WPI
WPI is proud to offer online graduate level courses and a graduate certificate in System Dynamics. Students can take up to two courses before deciding whether they want to apply for the certificate. This allows you an opportunity to take select courses if you prefer to.

Our faculty are leading researchers, consultants, and authors in System Dynamics. Enjoy the convenience of learning anyplace, anywhere through our internet-based delivery method. WPI is a world leader in technological, engineering and management education and ranks in the top 55 in U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges".

Program Overview
• Only online graduate level certificate program available in the world
• Select the courses you need or enroll in a 5 course Graduate Certificate Program
• 3 semesters per year
• Learn a computer-based approach to the construction and analysis of mathematical models of economic, social and physical systems.

For more program information, visit

Studying System Dynamics
A list of educational institutions which offer courses in System Dynamics

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