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Road Maps: A Guide to Learning System Dynamics

Road Maps 6

Road Maps 6: A Guide to Learning System Dynamics (D-4506-7)
This guide will lead you through the readings. The guide provides a summary of the important insights and highlights the system principles learned in each chapter of Road Maps.

Economics Supply and Demand (Joseph Whelan, Kamil Msefer) (D-4388-2)
A system dynamics perspective on supply and demand.

Generic Structures in Oscillating Systems I (Celeste Chung) (D-4426-3)
Two real-life scenarios illustrating the transferability of an oscillation structure.

Exploring S-Shaped Growth (Leslie Martin) (D-4476-2)
Development of the concept of generic structures in systems producing S-shaped growth.

Modeling Exercises: Section 1 (Joseph Whelan) (D-4421-2)
The first of a series of independent modeling experiences.

Systems thinking: critical thinking skills for the 1990s and beyond (Barry Richmond) (D-4565)
An argument for teaching systems thinking through learner-centered learning as well as the application of systems thinking to the acquisition of various critical thinking skills.


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