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Road Maps: A Guide to Learning System Dynamics

Road Maps 9

Road Maps 9: A Guide To Learning System Dynamics (D-4509-4)
This guide will lead you through the readings. The guide provides a summary of the important insights and highlights the system principles learned in each chapter of Road Maps.

The Credit Card Model (Manas Ratha) (D-4683-2)
A model-building exercise that uses a simple credit-card model to demonstrate a characteristic behavior of complex systems: short-term benefit, long-term cost.

Mistakes and Misunderstandings: Table Functions (Leslie Martin) (D-4653-2)
A mistakes and misunderstandings paper that explains how to formulate robust and dimensionally consistent table functions.

Generic Structures: Overshoot and Collapse (Lucia Breierova) (D-4480)
An introduction to the generic structure producing overshoot and collapse, using several real-world examples.

Graphical Integration Exercises Part Five: Qualitative Graphical Integration (Manas Ratha) (D-4675)
Exercises developing an intuitive, qualitative understanding of the process of graphical integration.

A Skeptic's Guide to Computer Models (John D. Sterman) (D-4101-1)
An overview of various computer modeling techniques, their characteristics, capabilities, and limitations.


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