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Road Maps: A Guide to Learning System Dynamics

Road Maps 8

Road Maps 8: A Guide To Learning System Dynamics (D-4508-4)
This guide will lead you through the readings. The guide provides a summary of the important insights and highlights the system principles learned in each chapter of Road Maps.

Building a System Dynamics Model Part 1: Conceptualization (Stephanie Albin) (D-4597)
A series of papers on the process of model-building starts with the first stage: conceptualization.

Mistakes and Misunderstandings: Use of Generic Structures and the Reality of Stocks and Flows (Lucia Breierova) (D-4646-2)
Examination and correction of a model, forced to fit a generic structure, in which the stocks do not represent real-world accumulations.

Oscillating Systems 2: Sustained Oscillation (Kevin Agatstein) (D-4602-2)
A detailed explanation of the structural causes of sustained oscillation illustrated with two real-life examples.

An Introduction to Sensitivity Analysis (Lucia Breierova, Mark Choudhari) (D-4526-2)
An introduction to the concepts and methods of sensitivity analysis of system dynamics models.

Learning through System Dynamics as Preparation for the 21st Century (Jay W. Forrester) (D-4434-1)
Prof. Forrester's keynote speech at the 1994 Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling Conference for K-12 Education proposes objectives that should be achieved through a system dynamics education.


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