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Road Maps: A Guide to Learning System Dynamics

Road Maps 7

Road Maps 7: A Guide to Learning System Dynamics (D-4507-4)
This guide will lead you through the readings. The guide provides a summary of the important insights and highlights the system principles learned in each chapter of Road Maps.

Unexpected Behaviors in Higher-Order Positive Feedback Loops (Aaron Ashford) (D-4455-2)
A discussion of possible behaviors that can occur in higher-order positive feedback loops.

Mistakes and Misunderstandings: Examining Dimensional Inconsistency (Michael Shayne Gary) (D-4452-1)
Examination of a model in which a dimensional inconsistency mistake was made, and a suggested improvement of the model.

Modeling Exercises: Section 2 (Joseph Whelan) (D-4451-3)
The second in a series of independent modeling experiences exploring an urban dynamics model and offering an exercise on mental simulation.

Graphical Integration Exercises Part 4: Reverse Graphical Integration (Laughton Stanley) (D-4603)
Explanation and methods of the process of reverse graphical integration: determining the graph of the net flow from the graph of the stock.

System dynamics, systems thinking, and soft OR (Jay W. Forrester) (D-4405-1)
The author's opinion on the differences between system dynamics, systems thinking, and soft operations research.


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